The space between the thighs on a female body, just below the crotch. A gap is indicative of a slim figure and is very sexy.
Steve: "Wow! Check out the gap on that chick!"
Darryl: "Hot stuff. I'm going to go get her number."
by Hayz February 16, 2004
The place in between a girls legs that fits a tool, generally but not limited to, a penis
I was approaching the gap last night when i saw a toothbrush already in it, so i turned away
by Unsinkable February 20, 2008
The space between a girls legs, not between her teeth. Thus making her sexy.
by Richard N Sean June 17, 2008
a term used for completely forgetting an important event. also used to describe complete lazyness and lack of care or usefullness. sedentary.
I totally gapped that exam man.
I gapped this entire week, i didnt do a thing useful.
I think im gonna gap the rest of the day.
by PhillyStyle October 24, 2009
Trendy clothes made in miserable labor conditions.
by John September 6, 2003
A skating term for a jump.
"Yo I bet you won't gap those stairs."
"Yo I bet I can!"
*gaps the stairs*
by Jdn f2f bc June 14, 2019
TM. A large clothing brand held in disrepute for its appaling labour conditions.

n. Vagina, esp. a wide loose one.

n. abb. Gothic American Princess, a female goth with extremely expensive tastes, but extremely well sought after.

adj. abb. Gay And Proud
TM. I feel bad about buying my clothes from GAP, but I'm too trendy to buy from anywhere else.

n. Check out the gap on that girl!

n. abb. I got myself a GAP, but I can't keep up the cash.

adj. abb. I'm GAP, alright? Now stop hitting on me!
by darkshadow February 12, 2005