a strategy to appear weak to convince an opponent to attack and fall into a trap.

a joke that suggests one thought just to set up a twist.
Muhammad Ali and Tommy Smothers were both experts at rope a dope.
by MichaelJonSnow March 23, 2010
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A police tactic involving trickery to bamboozle suspects into confessing.
Dude! Nobody "really" saw me do it, did they? Man, you "rope a doped" me.
by The Foundation November 4, 2010
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it means any thing
1. yo last night was dope.
last night was rope a dope

2.do you want the donkey punch
do you want the rope a dope

rope a dope

4.suck it
rope a dope

5.rope a dope
rope a dope
by frenchy123456789 August 19, 2008
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Popularized by Muhammed Ali, a tactic of proctecting one's self during combat while an opponent wears himself out, and then unexpectedly lashing out.
Damn, that fool wasted all his ammo when I picked up all of those shields. I did the ol' rope-a-dope and destroyed him in under a minute
by Cicatriz December 29, 2005
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A form of oral sex in which the male at first has very slow motion with his tongue inside the females vagina, letting her do all the work. After a while of working in this fashion, the male speeds up his tongue and executes a fast series of vertical and horizontal licks bringing the female to orgasm.
Daniel: I did the rope-a-dope to THIS and knocked her out cold!
Duncan: Dang... All I can do is eat THAT pink taco.
by ThePinkTaco June 22, 2006
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The act of tying crack cocaine on the end of a rope, and making crack addicts chase it around the ghetto.
There's nothin to do. You guys wanna go downtown and play rope-a-dope?
by Mikey T January 29, 2005
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When you braid your pubic hair into a lasso and you rope in that dick
Crystal grew her pubes out so she could rope a dope Matthew
by Lovesze September 13, 2020
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