1. labia minora of the female genitalia, which resembles the folded tortilla of a taco.
2. Bar at the Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas
1. I saw your sister's pink taco.
2. Your sister and I met at the Pink Taco
by betasheets March 5, 2003
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Slang for a woman's vulva. Do not be deterred by those who, well-meaningly but ignorantly, refer to this part, as the vagina. The vagina is on the inside. Maybe we're all better off if we just say cunt and be done with it.
I licked her pink taco until my tongue fell off.
by Bucinka January 29, 2010
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A restaurant in Arizona! Also a name for a vagina.
I ate out at the pink taco last night!!!!
by Philbert22222 May 30, 2007
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The mayor of Scottsdale objected to the name of the Pink Taco restaurant because of its reference to a woman's genitalia.
by Greg's Greg October 19, 2007
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Nothing satisfies like a pink taco.
by Orius September 4, 2002
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a taco restaurant chain that is currently located in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and Los Angeles.
Pink taco have a unique taste that is different from other tacos.
by akljsdf August 30, 2007
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a common word for the sexual organs that can be found in a ladies undergarments. may also be found on my lap(don't tell my wife)
habitat: moist soft hairy places but don't be fooled they sometimes show up on the corner shaved and wet. san diego is the capitol of the world of pink tacos
holy shit i did not order sour cream and chives on my pink taco!
by matt@ajs May 16, 2007
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