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Yet another variation of the slang word "nigga" except with an extra couple syllables to make it fun to say fast.
Daunte is one crazy niggameyer!
by Mikey T December 15, 2004
1. A man who lifts weights excessively, ferociously,
and with the intent of gaining mass and strength. 2. A man who
consumes protein daily. 3. A man who murders. 4. Richard Greico.
1. He is a gentleman.
2. He is very gentlemanly.
3. Gentle. Gentle.
4. Give him a gentle death.
by Mikey T February 28, 2005
A Japanese warplane found crashed on American soil with a dead German in the cockpit, and a camera under his seat.
That's the second Kamikazi Nazi Paparazzi that was found on Rosie O'Donell's property this month.
by Mikey T January 29, 2005
In the mid 21st century the Italian government will create the ultimate war machine. Half man, Half machine, All Wop.
Robowop stands at six and a half foot tall and weighs over 600 pounds. He is fully electronic, and is designed to create energy from an advanced engine that runs off spaghetti sauce.
by Mikey T February 5, 2005
The act of getting assaulted by a person with a mental handicap.
I smacked that retarded kid, and he totally goober graped me! I still have a black eye.
by Mikey T February 5, 2005
Noun meaning lighter. Or any object used for lighting a fire.
Pass me the flame device so i can light this Philadelphia cigar.
by Mikey T January 26, 2005
What you may sometimes see only in movies, where man actually has to fight apes strategically in a war scenario.
There is some great gorilla warfare in both the movies Congo and Planet of the Apes.
by Mikey T February 5, 2005