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loss of a job or income due to corporate merger or acquisition by investment bankers utilizing a leveraged buyout approach
Employees of Dade Behring were romneyed when the company saddled from debt due to a leveraged buyout, needed to layoff thousands
by Screengrub January 14, 2012
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When your boss asks you do something that clearly indicates a complete lack of understanding or indifference in what it's like to be an average joe.
"I didn't get out of work till real late last night cause boss called to order food for him and his golf buddies after we already turned the fryers off! I got Romneyed man!"
by bsaucer October 26, 2012
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To get beaten by surprise.
When you expect to win big, and are smug about the outcome.
Then later find out you got your butt whipped by a large margin.
To find out you are a loser.
Campaign worker: " The final votes are in Mr. President, you've
been Romneyed."
by jsd96321 November 06, 2012
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To get one's ass kicked; particularly in political debate.
Obama thought he was smart; that is, until he got Romneyed last night in the debate.
by netcowboy79 October 04, 2012
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