(verb) to defecate in terror

This colloquialism originates in the infamous and widely publicized 1983 incident where Mitt Romney strapped his Irish setter, Seamus, to the roof of his car whilst driving to Canada, causing the terrified dog to defecate.
"The door of the cab literally GRAZED my knee as it whizzed by. I nearly Romneyed!"

"The best part of working a haunted house is seeing the big tough dudebro types trying not to romney in front of their girlfriends."
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"The three and a half hour in which a grown man running for president can change his deeply held conviction to its opposite."

Based on Jon Stewart's criticism that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney changed his opinion on a contraception bill within 3.5 hours.
Jon Stewart: "Oh my god, we've been sitting in this car for two and a half Romneys now!"
by nirvana4lf March 2, 2012
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A lie that no-one is stupid enough to believe.
Mitt Romney ad claimed that President Obama called Americans lazy. The claim was so obviously false, that Politifact - a trusted fact checking website - rated Romney's statement a "pant's on fire" lie.

Usage: Mitt told a Romney when he sad President Obama called Americans Lazy.

Obama was referring to US efforts to spur foreign investment.
by Leoslaire November 24, 2011
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While not widespread, "to pull a Romney" means to run away from a problem, as illustrated when Mitt Romney literally ran away from a voter attacking him for his policy on the medical use of marijuana.
Guy #1: I turned my phone off because my girlfriend's pissed at me for some reason.
Guy #2: Dude, you know you can't hide from her forever, right? Don't pull a Romney on me, man.
by Bob the Plumber October 16, 2008
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to defecate in fear, especially while atop a vehicle's cargo rack in a dog crate.
"We were going so fast down the interstate that I couldn't help but romney all over the crate floor!"
by Harliquinnraver January 13, 2012
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A unit of time defined by the minimum number of hours a grown man running for president can take to change his position on an issue (courtesy of Jon Stewart).
We've been in the car for almost two and half fucking Romneys now!
by DailyShowFTW March 3, 2012
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A measure of time, defined as the three and half hour window in which a grown man running for president can change his deeply-held conviction to it's opposite.
Oh my god we've been in this fucking car for two and a half Romneys now! I need to pee! NO I DON'T.
by Bear von Erck March 2, 2012
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