1. A transaction in which one corporate entity is combined with another corporate entity. A variety of types of transactions are possible, the most common being the "triangular" merger whereby one corporation ("Buyer") creates a subsidiary ("Merger Sub") into which the other corporation ("Target") is combined, thereby creating a single corporation. A wave of mergers occurred in the 1980s due to the loosening of regulations by the Reagan administration. A similar boom occurred in the late 1990s, and, thus far, a wave of mergers in 2005 suggests that it will be another huge year of corporate combinations. Mergers create corporations with annoying, nonsensical names like "AOL Time Warner," and "JPMorganChase" and "PriceWaterHouseCoopers." Frequently, corporations fail to realize any additional profit from these transactions, despite many workers losing their jobs due to the supposed "efficiencies" created.

2. A transaction performed by the cockiest, least self-aware, obnoxious assholes in the worlds of investment banking and law. The area of expertise in which one performs mergers is known as "Mergers and Acquisitions" or "M&A."
1. The merger of AT&T Wireless and Cingular Wireless expanded the digital network of Cingular substantially.

Corporate Asshole 1: Hey man, what you been up to at the office?
Corporate Asshole 2: Inhaling deeply, cocking head to the side, wiping coke off of nose I'm working on this new merger. I can't tell you anything about it, but dude, this is gonna be huge.
Corporate Asshole 1: Sweet. Dude, have you heard this new band called the Killers? They are so awesome.
Corporate Asshole 2: Yeah, they rock. When you getting off work?
Corporate Asshole 1: Probably 2 a.m. After that, I'm going to Lemon Bar.
by JLB3 April 29, 2005
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In urban driving, someone who merges correctly onto traffic circles and highways. The opposite of a stopper.
1. There was two kinds of drivers who approach traffic circles, mergers and stoppers.

2. Give me a whole day having to drive behind timid mergers, just please not a stopper!
by Boston Driver April 13, 2013
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Someone who tries to sneak farther ahead in the wrong exit lane on a highway to get closer to the exit on the highway and at the last minute tries to get into the lane. They always make traffic jams worse.
I'm not going to let that fucking mergerer get in ahead of me.
by Rabid Driver June 18, 2009
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That one unwanted friend that pushes his/her way into the friend group. The one that no one knows how they got into the group and no one likes. They usually start by following your group around until they are a common appearance and are progressively more annoying as they merge deeper into the group.
Jake: How the hell did we let the merger in the group chat, all he does is follow us around.
Rick: Idk someone else added him.

Jake: goddamn it now we have to make another one, Just act like we still use the first one.

Rick: k, thank god.
by Get tf off my lawn April 9, 2019
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When two or more turds come together to form a single unit.

Note: Originally defined by the character Artemis in the hit comedy, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,"
Guy 1: Wow! Did you see that turd merger someone left in the toilet?
Guy 2: Yah that was a beastly piece of crap!
by the Hot Rod enthusiast November 26, 2009
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A dump that is the by-product of eating too many White Castle burgers and holding it in for a couple days. A noticeable line, or merging point (hence the name merger dump) is present. This generally marks the point where two dumps join into one.
"Yo check out my Merger Dump!"
"Damn, three lines? You been holding that shit in for a while haven't you?"
by Docta Dre ecstacy October 20, 2009
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