People who use other peoples pictures (usually on instagram) because they’re too ugly to show their face in real life, a lot of them actually deny roleplaying because they’re too embarrassed and they think as long as they dont do roleplay gestures like *laughs* that they’re off the hook, anyways they all sit on each other pictures saying “SLAY😍😍😍😍😍” when thats not even them and theh compliment their models and not the actual people, its quite sad if you think about it but they will always deny that they roleplay even if their account is filled with models that arent them and they never post pictures of themself, they are just too stubborn and embarrassed to admit they roleplay
Jack: Hey i see you upload a specific model everyday and you only use their pictures and post about them and everybody else that does the same thing compliments you isnt that roleplaying?

Roleplayer: Nah bruh💀💀 gtfo widd dat rl shit nigga😂ion do dat gay shit nigga fuck outta hea💀😭”

Jack: Then why do you upload pictures of random models if you dont roleplay? and why are your only friends people that do the same thing and have intros on their profile?

Roleplayer: 💀💀nigga stfu im not one of those roleplayers gtfo ion do that💀😂
by RipRip000 March 26, 2018
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A person who does not assist a guildie who is too bad to win in an unfair fight.
by neraelx December 14, 2016
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