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they pretend ot be partygoer from the backrooms thtey spaam =) and want eveyrone inn their dujmb as shit party room where theyw ill be converted into partygoer aand they uh pretedn to.. yeah its cringe and dumb dont be aa partygoer roleplayer
"Bruh, a partygoer roleplayer" - timothy
"Hi =)" - partygoer roleplayer
"SHUT THE FUCK UP" - timothy
by NamlinGuy September 2, 2022
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Im gonna search discord in the Dictionary!
Oops! I searched discorrd
by NamlinGuy June 1, 2022
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its that namlin from something called ala idk
its namlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*
by NamlinGuy June 30, 2022
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"discord moderators be like" is a common used line when you see someone fat. Or calling someone kitten, or being an bad discord mod. or just a normal one depends.
discord moderators be like
by NamlinGuy July 1, 2022
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a lurkers ability, A.L.A/ALA is a discord server, yep
i got banned from a lurkers ability because i have a fucking vore fetish :((((( - ayumi
by NamlinGuy July 1, 2022
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purple faker is a stinky purple faker, and annoying and stinky
ew purple faker
by NamlinGuy July 1, 2022
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