a. A roleplayer that uses limits to bend reality in their favor, or merely uses limits to protect their character from the thing we call reality. Most of these roleplayers try to keep things family friendly; meaning no blood, no gore, no anything besides socializing, godmoding, and falsities seen in all of the Disney movies. This is considered one of the highest insults among the roleplaying community.
Roleplayer 1: Oh, you can't do that because I have limits that say you can't!

Roleplayer 2: Ugh, you're a Disney Roleplayer. Consider this fight void, I do not want to be seen with the likes of you.
by Mahbu June 19, 2009
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The type of role layer who uses phrases such as *kicks*, *doges*, *punches*, and *kills*. Most commonly going by names like "Jake", "Jack", "Josh", and "DeathKillr". Often include things about their dating life in their roleplay name, like "single", "hot", or "needs gf". Often abbreviated with the term "FRPer".
Wow, that guy is such a fail-roleplayer. He said *kills* and then ran away.
by Jake/single/hot January 27, 2021
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Fatherless children that want to act like they have a father and do not know what grass is.
Mega Based Chad: I hate Roblox Roleplayers
Mega Based Chad 2: Same
by sexterrence291 April 16, 2022
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Now don't get me wrong here, there are some roblox roleplayers who are not completely dumb, but most of them are. Ass Roblox roleplayers are defined as goofy ass robanging ass trash ass no pussy getting virgin ass piece of shit ass niggas. Niggas who think they know how to roleplay by doing shit like, "/me Grabs his Weapon out from his Wastline, Loading clip or bullets(DEPENDING ON GUN I HAVE) Flicking safty OFF aiming at the opps" etc. You can find them at places like, East Brickton, Woodlawn, Southside, Los Scandalous, Project Chicago, pretty much everywhere that deals with "Gang gang gang bitch I'm from chicago on LA Crip on Woo Choo diccz fucc da structure" type game. These niggas could also be nerds who would hack yo shit for calling them a bisexual bunny. Ass Roblox Roleplayers could also be defined as a new disease Dr. Kelp has diagnosed several people with.
"Man I'm tired of these Ass Roblox Roleplayers bro these niggas is dirt ass."
by Succmytitty August 20, 2020
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A roleplayer that engages in a "cardboard cut-out" gamemode (Dark-RP Layout) and embraces it. They commonly range from individuals who are new to the Garry's Mod Roleplaying Community or only play a single server.
"Don't listen to what he says, he's a 4th Generation Roleplayer that only plays Star Wars RP."
by Ryan GearPermer October 2, 2021
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Definition of ("ATF Roleplayer") means that a specific person roleplays but they complain and whin about the littlest things wrong about either the game or people's own characters. The fact they might relate to speed typing, combat roleplaying, and much more powerful actions to gain advantage over one or another.
" Man, these people are like ("ATF Roleplayers"). "
by ManiacPrice August 1, 2022
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