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A thin paste made by grinding ladybugs until they reach a thin watery consistency resembling that of Elmer's glue. It's the special ingredient in my 7 layer nacho dip.
Guy 1: What is this?

Guy 2: What is what?
Guy 1: At the bottom of the nacho dip?
Guy 2: Oh, that's my special ingredient, Ladybug paste.
Guy 1: I'm gonna fucking kill you!
by Mommyhole December 13, 2018
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Daddy, lord, and grand overseer of animal science, a class devoted to failing tests and crying. The husband of Mama Mark, His sexy ass bitch.
by Mommyhole October 24, 2018
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When you extend your pee pee to get that boi pooosay
Hey boy i'm about to extendo fag yo ass
by Mommyhole August 26, 2018
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7-12 year old children who enjoy having fake sex talk with their roblox boy and girlfriend on games like "meep city", "city of robloxia", "wolves life" and "dragons life". Deserves to be murdered and gets angry and calls you noob if you call them out on it.
That kid is a total roblox roleplayer, they should be hung.
by Mommyhole November 13, 2018
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An unknown vigilante who draws dicks on various objects such as desks and computers for amusement.
by Mommyhole November 13, 2018
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The most wonderful time of the year. The time for which cough drops are handed out and consumed rapidly.
Kid 1:It's cough drop time.
Kid 2:It's cough drop time.
by Mommyhole October 20, 2018
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