The act of telling people what they want to hear to get your way then totally fucking them afterward.
One guy to another. Yeah dude, I was with my girl last night and was trying to get a little brown eye. She didn't want to do it so I told her I would only put the head in. When she got on her hands and knees I jammed it in to the hilt.

Damn sounds like you pulled an Obama.
by imacop41 September 16, 2009
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A mysterious man who doesn’t have a last name. Usually associated with yoda (yobama), thanos (obamos), and obunga.
“Look at him he’s such an Obama 🤤.”
“He’s so mysterious
“He can change
by Dora the whore-a September 23, 2019
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to instantly kill a fly by slapping it with your bare hand against a flat surface.
"yo do you see that dead fly on the floor"
"I just obamaed that sucka"
by ibn warraq August 11, 2009
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When you seem Obama you are overcome with the urge to cry like a woman.
Obamaitis occurs when watching Ophra and Jesse Jackson at Obamas acceptence speech.
by ObamaitisMan November 9, 2008
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superficially critical of some unseemly aspect of the political process without necessarily forswearing the practice itself
Barack Obama, in a classic Obamaism, artfully explained how the new pinstripe patronage worked: a politician rewards the law firms, developers, and brokerage houses with contracts, and in return they pay for the new ad campaigns necessary for re-election.
by a cellar door August 24, 2009
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A sex act in which one partner gets fucked by another partner after being promised hope and change, then the other partner proceeds to leave the next morning after maxing the other ones credit cards.
Ex 1: Person 1: "Hey could I borrow some money?"
Person 2: "Sorry I'm in massive debt, my boyfriend and I did The Obama last night."
by SmashWayne July 2, 2014
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Invoking an insult against Barack Obama in midst of a conversation that has no relevance to him (or politics) at all
"Man, this is awesome sushi"
'If Obama has his way, businesses like these will close'
"Uh,, awesome move by Frank Gore there to elude the linebackers"
'Those linebackers must have voted for Obama'
"Man, stfu and stop Obamaing, asshole"
'Ok. can you pick up the tab?'
by Peven glugh September 21, 2014
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