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In roblox with little kids can hangout and online date
bob: Wanna go to Meep City and troll online daters?
Bobby: sure
by E981 November 11, 2017
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A game in Roblox so bright and colorful that you will instantly get a seizure.
Robloxian: I wanna try this MeepCity game. (plays)
Robloxian: (gets seizure)
by Mister Felly September 03, 2019
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A free to play game created by alexnewtron on a development platform called ROBLOX
It is a copy of the game Club Penguin and has been known for having a bad community.
However all I have to blame is the owners basically being a rip off.
Copyright law allows you to reproduce content but this is a literal copy of club penguin.
The community can just take the l.
Player 1: I play meep city everyday!
Player 2: Take the l
by An L user November 30, 2018
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MeepCity:Roblox game where 9 year olds get even more retarded
Stoopid random guy:hey my son was playin roblox!
smartass guy:wot game?
stoopid random guy:meepcity
smartass guy left the chat
via giphy
by TotallyNotALongNameWastingTime November 24, 2018
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