when you're doing your girl doggy, you reach around, grab ahold of her titty a fist full of hair, whisper in her ear that you've been doing her sister, and see if you can hang on for eight seconds
i gave your mom a rodeo ride last night
by baddoggy April 11, 2006
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when, in the course of doin a girl from behind, one gently leans into the girl's ear, and whispers something to the effect of "I have STDs" and henceforth attemps to remain inside the aforementioned girl for eight (8) seconds.
"dude....did you rodeo ride that biatch last night............................ I would have......................she was a hoooooooooooo"
by AC and NJ June 29, 2006
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1st off you must find an unexpecting fat chick, presuade her to let you engage in intercourse from behind (doggy) while this is going off get your friend to hide in the cupboard with a video camera. For the comedy factor make her act like a bull tell her this will get you going as shes fat she will do all to please you. while thrusting gently place your hands on her breats and squeeze her nipples she will begin to try and shake you off like a bull while your mate is recording acting like the crowd at a rodeo the aim of the game is to last on her back as long as you can if you manage to cum you earn 5 extra points.
Grant: Chris really got away with Rodeo Riding that fat chick from jacksons.

Jagger: He's sick.
by CHGC May 3, 2009
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Doing a beer bong upside down, while hanging from the backside of a person while your legs stratle his shoulders. While another person is holding the beer bong for you to drink.
You are drinking at a party, and you have a funnel and a tube connected, therefore making a beer bong. Grab one of your buddies, preferably a bigger kid. Stand up and have him squat down between your legs, he stands up holding you on his shoulders, and then you lean back and then grab the tube from your other buddy and drink the beer til there is only foam remaining, or no more beer left. Thus completing the Inverted Rodeo Ride
by Tommy & Johnny September 17, 2006
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You mount a girl you've only known for a little while from behind. Once you've established a rhythm, get a good grip then call her by the wrong name. If you can hang on for 7 seconds you get a score from the judges
Crazy 7 second rodeo ride last night after I called Amanda "Kayla." I held on though.
by Vulgarityispoetry December 2, 2017
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Put you're girl into doggy style, slowly pegging her. Then, lean forward, wisper another girl's name in her ear, and see how long you can hold on to the beast.
"Hey Johnny, guess what I did last night? I tried the rodeo bull ride last night! Though Beth dumped me, it was worth it!"
by SteamPunk2048 July 24, 2021
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A term coined by Ryan Essary that is synonymous with "you shove dildos up your ass and act like a clown for fun".
by Grammar Giant June 24, 2014
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