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2 finger up the females vagina and one thumb up the ass therefore you appear to be holding a bowling ball
Grant: I gave Rosanna an amazing bowling ball last night

Chris: Dude same here with Rachel, maybe we should have a doubles match
by CHGC May 01, 2009

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1st off you must find an unexpecting fat chick, presuade her to let you engage in intercourse from behind (doggy) while this is going off get your friend to hide in the cupboard with a video camera. For the comedy factor make her act like a bull tell her this will get you going as shes fat she will do all to please you. while thrusting gently place your hands on her breats and squeeze her nipples she will begin to try and shake you off like a bull while your mate is recording acting like the crowd at a rodeo the aim of the game is to last on her back as long as you can if you manage to cum you earn 5 extra points.
Grant: Chris really got away with Rodeo Riding that fat chick from jacksons.

Jagger: He's sick.
by CHGC May 03, 2009

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You and your partner engage in intense rough sexual intercourse stood up (preferably over a kitchen table) once the woman begins to climax her legs will shake, tap the back of her legs to make her fall over, can be used as an embaressment technique
Mark: I got gertrude back by giving her the weak knees
by CHGC May 01, 2009

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