A person who has a professional driving background as a roady, courier, racecar driver. They are a mix of a few or all of these. They are very knowledgable drivers that fang it everywhere! There passion is high speed, sideways, they are excellent at getting through traffic, Every traffic light is a drag ! They drive any vehical extremely hard. Rarely found in hot cars, unless on a track or in a complete sleeper. They are invisable to most Road authorities since they avoid any attention. Some examples would be Cledus snow truck driver in smokey and the bandit. (Bo darville bandit is not a rockape he is more a hoon as he is obvious easy to spot and in or causing trouble. Which violates the tenants of a rockape. Rockapes are road bound not stigs who are generally track bound, or though rockapes can step easily into stigginess.
Genuinely Impressed "Mate i loaned me fucken fourbie to mic on the week end, and the bastard saw me off! He cornered it so hard he snapped 3 of the 6 wheel studs off! He's a full on rockape! :)
by dogsbollocks1794 January 14, 2011
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loosers,wankers,idiots,hair product boy
a rockape is a ezy plus shop assistant that has short hair,uses hair product and used to tie there hair back into a ponytail
by woofa May 19, 2006
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