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A derogatory white Australian slang term for an Aborigine. Most commonly used in the Northern Territory, where modern Aboriginal culture has been defined by generational poverty, primative living conditions, poor levels of education, alcholism and violence, to the point where Redneck Australia can feel that they are more cultured and civilised than those stupid rock apes.
Those rock apes are less than human. You see 'em in the streets comming up to you, saying "hey mista, gotta dolla? Got smoke?", and they're always drinking, sniffing petrol and fighting. Why can't they be more like us white people?
by anonimouse November 11, 2006
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1.Person of middle-eastern descent. 2.Semi-evolved being (see yard ape). 3.Derogatory term for ethnic or stupid person. 4.Cave dweller.
1.Terrorists are generally rock apes.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
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A member of the UKs RAF Regiment.

Came into use in 1952 after two RAF Regiment officers decided to go hunting baboons (locally known as rock apes). In the semi darkness, they split up, and when one of the officers saw a dark shape moving in the distance he shot and hit what he thought was a rock ape. When he moved in to confirm the kill, he found that he had infact shot and wounded the other officer. At the board of inquiry when asked why he shot his fellow officer he replied 'looked just like a rock ape'.

Also renown for thinking themselves to be on a level playing field with the Army's Parachute Regiment and the Royal Navy's Royal Marines, thus making up 'The Big Three'. This is an opinion help only by members of the RAF Regiment.
Rock Ape: Alright fellas, big three yeah?

Marine/Para: Yeah cheers you Rock Ape cunt!
by Royaly Royaly Royaly January 30, 2010
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A Member of the RAF Regiment. Dont ask why..its just what they are called. They rule though...
Dicker 1: Shit its the Rock apes!
Dicker 2: Oh well pull your pants down boys we are about to get gang fucked!
by Dickie Dixon July 19, 2005
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Flat nosed simian creature found in the Australian outback.

Also small ape like train driver found only on metropolitan rail network.
That Gretchie sure is one ugly little rock ape.

Frigging rock apes busted open my petrol tank so's they can get high on the fumes.
by Stromlo Obbergeen December 04, 2003
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Derogatory name for Indonesians and Philippinos as well as any dark-skinned person. Implied that the person is less than human.
Also a stupid aggressive black person (moron).
Can't trust the rock apes (from Australian viewpoint).
They are nothing but rock apes.
We'll be invaded by those rock apes sooner or later.
The Indonesian armed forces consist of nasty little rock apes.
by shonny March 09, 2007
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