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100% sure of it. Without a doubt. This slang is mostly used in Australia.
by Puzant December 09, 2003
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Predoninantly Aussie slang, used to enforce the certainty of ones opinion.
Often used to enchance harsh assessments of the character of others.
Dave: "That guy over there is my new boss. He is a fuckwit".
Robbo: "That bloke? He looks like a deadset fuckwit to me".
by Jas the Aussie November 06, 2008
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Dead set basically means 100% serious, or not joking. it can be used as a question also. Commonly used by Australians.
That guys a dead set fucken poof.

Robert: Yesterday I totally flipped out and killed 100 pirates with my boner, and then wailed fucking HARD.

Some Idiot: Dead set!? WOW I AM PUMPED UP!!
by BLuFFaLo May 03, 2007
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Deadset is an Australian slang term for being serious.
Derives from the Phrase “I’m serious “

Meaning to be serious.
“Mate deadset I will pay you back”

By Isaac
by Mr_Fitz February 20, 2018
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A BBC thriller television series about a zombie outbreak in a Big Brother house. Using surprising special effects, it deals with all zombie movie stereotypes in the first episode and allows for the excellent plot to develop itself in the next 4 episodes.
Dead set: one of the opening episode’s most delicious moments comes when a housemate, confronted with the fact that the world outside is in zombie meltdown, whimpers forlornly, “Does this mean we’re not on telly any more?”
by TNTom April 09, 2009
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The word used to describe the kind of scene of total and utter desolation, desomation and isolation. Usually uttered to either oneself or to a friend upon the arrival to a party that noone went to/everyone has already been to a totaled the place.

Taken from the British TV drama Deadset, in which the cast find themselves alone in the middle of a post-apocolyptic wasteland dressed in drag and not nearly crunk enough.
"Ah man, Jas' party was a total deadset, no drink, no drugs and nobody even showed up."
"Didn't stop you from projectile vomiting and stealing a TV though did it?"
"Heeeell no."
by KEEPING December 20, 2008
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