31 definitions by John Barry

1.Large, ugly growth protruding from the body, usually the face. 2.Misspronunciation by girlfriend of word guitar. 3.Ugly person.
1.My auntie had a goitre removed from her face. 2."Can you play a tune on your goitre for me?" 3.George W. Bush is a goitre.
by John Barry November 21, 2004
1.Breeding ground for crabs. (see pubic nit). See also Crab Ranch.
1.Dont ever go near anyone with a crab farm in their undies.
by John Barry November 21, 2004
1.Parents brother who, having paedophaelic (and sometimes homosexual) tendancies, often crept into your room late at night while drunk to 'play' with you under the covers. Can be characterised by using phrases such as "This can be our little secret," or "don't tell Mummy and Daddy." 2.Paedophile or rock spider. 3.Sexually devious or sick induvidual.
1.I have a sneaky uncle. 2.There was a sneaky uncle creeping around our schoolyard.
by John Barry January 8, 2005
1. Build up of partacles of dubious origin that make their domicile in the nasal cavity of most mammals. Can range in texture from crusty hardened solid lumps to a sloppy, viscous gel-like substance usually found dripping from the noses of the sick and feeble, the homeless, or human babies. Unknown exactly what the purpose of this mystery shape-changing element is, athough it has been documented that it can be used as an emergency food source when bored or hungry. Also used sometimes by teenagers as a material for sabotage or deviousness by wiping the matter liberally on another's personal property. See also wober, booger, snot.
1. 'Man I'm hungry, nothing to eat...Ah, I've got some nose jam, that'll do.'
by John Barry July 5, 2006
If you know a Dyllon, you are very lucky. If you are dating a Dyllon, you have hit the jackpot. He's pretty much the cutest guy you'll ever meet and all the girls want him. He has the sexiest brain ever! Dyllon is very intuitive and sensitive. Dyllon will make you orgasm in 30 seconds or less. Dyllon is super intelligent, and sometimes that can be intimidating to people of a lesser mental capacity. Not only is he the ideal romantic partner, but he makes an amazing, loyal friend. You will never hear Dyllon talk shit about anyone. If you have Dyllon's respect you are most likely a great person too. He has a wonderful sense of humor and his personality blends well with all different types of people. Dyllon is a very likable dude.
Dyllon is a handsome guy

Dyllon is one of the smartest people I know!
by John Barry November 24, 2021
1.Insult regarding fat-people. Shortened version of droptank.
1.Damn, the girls that work at maccas are droppies.
by John Barry November 21, 2004
1.Term used to describe one who is appealing to the senses, both physically and/or emotionally. 2.Someone who is better than bad. 3.Hottie. 4.Caitlin
by John Barry September 27, 2005