A polite slang term for breasts popularized by Vinesauce.
-Wow she has some big robertsons.
-Show robertsons please.
by Binesauce May 1, 2018
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Extremly awesome or a total boss.
After doing a triple backflip and catching a saxaphone in mid air, Elliot felt like a Robertson.
by Ranger64 March 12, 2015
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A pedo that cruises the streets pissing on children he owns three vans 1=pissing on children,2=a children centipede and 3=rape he also pretends to work at schools looking for children to mallest with his pubic hair trying to give everyone a Yorkshire tea bag with his large hairy penis.
"Hey Mr Robertson how's your day been ''
Mr Robertson: A fucking brilliant I just raped your sister and gave your mum a blow job.
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A televangelist prick who abuses christianity to gain wealth, generally by exploiting the guilty, fearful, and or gullible people of america by ranting about how they are all going to hell if they don't send him money. It would be better for the whole world if this dude was capable of suffocating, seeing as he hasn't died from having his head shoved up his own ass.
Lee: Hi, my name's Lee.

Pat Robertson: You're going to hell! Repent, by giving me a thousand dollars.

Lee: I can't, I need that to pay for my daughter's schooling.

Pat Robertson: I guess you're going to hell then! *Bitch slaps Lee with a bible*
by Johan The Destroyer May 31, 2012
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An asshole that has somehow gotten his own T.V. show on some crappy channel. It's called the 700 club but it should really be called The Neo Nazi Movement In Disguise But The Sheep That Watch It Are To Busy Sitting There With Their Thumbs Up Their Asses To Know Any Better show.

A typical ranting of this lunatic is that lesbians/gays/athiests/muslims/and just about everyone else who is not a christian are the decay of western society and they should not be allowed in to office.

On top of that he claims to be able to help "heal" people by communicating to god on thier behalf on his TV show.
Pat Robertson is such an asshole! I dont know how people believe that dribble that he spews forth everyday on his show.
by mud January 18, 2004
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a hypocritical,self righteous bastard who claims to be christian, but condons murder of foreign leaders and others he deems unworthy of gods grace.The saddest part is foreigners who don't know shit about america, hear this asshole spew his self indulgent tripe think all americans think this way. Pat like all other televagilists care about one thing,MONEY. They relieve elderly peaple of all there money because they convince them they are going to hell for a lifetime of sin. Old peaple feel guilty and think they can atone be giving these assholes their money. Pat,Jerry and the others live in opulent mansions,drive expensive cars and lavish there family members in wealth.Is this what jesus would do? Does pat robertson actually help anyone? Peaple, don't be fooled,giving this jerk money will not insure entrance to heaven. pat robertson, I hope you burn in hell.
Did you here pat robertson say we should kill hugo ceaser chavez? Pat robertson said all muslims are terrorists.
by angry dude April 4, 2006
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An extremely gay homosexual who likes to steal peoples scabs and sell them for money and tears. He eats his own feces daily and many call him there bitch. His swimming coach abuses and puts lube on him and forcefully sells him cocaine.
"That Samuel Robertson guy takes so much shaft"
by Hesoyam Clan May 28, 2013
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