Having lots of money
by larstait October 29, 2003
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obundance of wealth;

having more resources than needed to live in complete luxury
opulence, I has it. But can the money bring true happiness?
by abenko March 11, 2011
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Opulence is when "You own everything", not earn it
by minimario2 March 20, 2019
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For an extra $10, Lexus will opulate you until the end of the song.

by Roger W February 12, 2008
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He was so *opulent* that night for not flipping her over.
by MrSkunk2 April 10, 2014
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Term used on Internet message boards to describe somebody who tries to impress by making up stories to mask the fact they're actually very sad and live with their mother.
He said he'd had three children and made his first million by the age of sixteen, but we discovered he was a lonely 43 year old in a council house and it was just an opulent kiss.
by patrick von fortingham February 9, 2005
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Originated in late 2004 when users of various homosexual websites had to endure the moronic postings of a user by the name of "Opulent Kiss".

Has since become a slang term on the London scene for urinating either through necessity or during the act of sex.
Excuse me one moment, I'm just going upstairs for an opulent kiss.
by Pick N Mix February 8, 2005
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