(this is the 2018 version, I have made a previous version which is now outdated)
1) A popular form of insult, using the following format:

Step one: choose a start ex.: "Get outta here, with your" or "look at you with your" or "get your".

Step two: insert the most freaking random object or thing that comes to your mind. ex. solar system, potato, palm tree etc...

Step three: use one of the following endings (these are bleeped out): looking @ss or head@ss. followed by "outta here".

2) when someone is saying a good insult

Note that roasts used to be much more well thought out, and I am very disappointed of what roasting has become.
some person:

some other person: oh yeah, well look at you, with yo grapevine looking @ss, get yo monkey head looking @ss outta here!
some person: please leave, nobody likes you

*someone says a good insult
ooh man you were roasting him man!
by Vortex1212 March 27, 2018
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Roasting; 'hot'

Another way of saying its hot, usually said when its REALLY hot and you're getting pissed off.

'Bruv, its f*cking roasting in here, sort it out!'
"Bruv, its roasting in here!"
by Hintz December 16, 2005
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A gang bang. Where a string of men engage in one-after-the-other sex with a single woman. I personally not only pity her, but also whoever is number 11 on the team... Talk about Sloppy Seconds!!!
Apparently a buch of Premiership footballers were caught "roasting" some hooker in a pub in Croydon.
by KHD May 17, 2004
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Roasting is when a guy sticks his dee in the vee and lets it sit there, like incubating. It is an endurance exercise to see how long the guy can stay hard before going limp in his girl. If you're good enough at it some people complete homework assignments or watch movies while they are roasting.
Don't knock on their door, James and May are in there roasting. They're going for a record.
by Walter Ynagnac June 15, 2011
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