Golly gee Mr. Wilson, I need to go look that up on dictionary.com. For Sure!
by Jizaay August 12, 2003
a site that is the same as this, without moron comments in place for definitions
by s November 23, 2003
A site to go to if you're looking up a definition that's not slang.
I wanted to know the definition of raptor, so I went to dictionary.com.
by Anonymous August 1, 2004
A competing website that boasts definitions of not only common and obscure words, but also many words that are used only by Shakespeare.
by Overlord Zurg March 16, 2004
the online dictionary. very efficient method of quickly looking up words that actually exist. good for doing homework, or quickly defining a word mid convo over msn...

used when talking over someones head. reference that they should take the time too look it up and learn a new word
uh what!?

dictionary.com dumbass
by Banana December 26, 2005
it's basically like this except it's a real dictionary, not a slang dictionary
I looked up "trichinosis" on dictionary.com because it wasn't on urbandictionary.com
by stupid August 11, 2003