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top echelon in the hierarchy......the top dog.
The brahmins are the upper most caste within in hindu caste system in India
like Bill Gates,Steve Jobb or say me
by esener October 13, 2004
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In Vedas (actual Hindu Scriptures), brahmin means one who knows Brahma or the enlightened one( twice born).No one is born a brahmin.
Somewhere down the line these scriptures were misread and misinterpreted or manipulated; now in India a son of a brahmin is generally touted a brahmin which is against Vedas (actual Hindu scriptures) and Bhagvad Geeta.
Lord Gautham Buddha was a brahmin so was Shirdi Sai Baba .
Sage Vyasa who wrote Mahabharata was not born a brahmin but was born a fisherman's son.
by Rit1985 January 20, 2009
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A two-headed, mutated cow. Bred for milk, meat and hides, and used as a workforce in the post-nuclear world.
You see a regular, domesticated brahmin.
by Chris Slychan March 23, 2006
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Top of indian class, usually rich, primary habitats include Ferrari's and mansions
Dude that nigga is a brahmin

dude that aint no nigga, see him rolloing up in his ferari

so what i got a cadillac

dude he gave me one for my birthday
by Niggs117 May 19, 2007
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