1. When you think you are rich, but you really aren't.

2. A false sense of economic freedom or security.
tip.cc made me rish. #drops-and begging will make you a rish man after only 2 hours.
by Bowman666 August 22, 2021
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Short for Cherish meaning beloved, adored, to hold at the highest. Meaning righteous, perseverance.
I rish you.
You are rish woman.
by Aember April 11, 2019
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Act of doing something like a black person do, i.e. ghetto rigging something, waxing a car or wheels, tryin to short change somebody. Short for Ni**erish
That was rish of yo to not give me my change back
by Fireman85 October 21, 2018
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Did you see that rish? I wanna suck it so bad!
by rd1993xp February 24, 2020
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rich, popular, hot
perfect word to describe me...
by Will Jin June 17, 2003
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Rish: abbreviation for Irish and Celtic related peoples. Usually used by those intimately of, or associated deeply with, Celtic area peoples, to signal brother-hood like loyalties, or communicate intimate understandings.
ie; We are rish, you and I. or The rish believe...
by Celtic United February 25, 2010
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Has a heart of gold, always giving,loyal and wise. Though the name is spelt differently his name refers to a sage or a brahmin dynasty of the Hindu /religion.

Rishe's are usually very protective of their loved ones, and would go to any lengths to see that they are safe. Their gentle disposition is not always obvious because they may come off as serious and stern.
He is the wise rishe.
by Yuuki Kuran April 29, 2011
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