to finish what you started regardless of the obstacles that stand in the way.
I will choose to live my life with perseverance when it gets hard and uncomfortable so that i can achieve the goal that is in site.
by Christopher Bennett April 6, 2006
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Perseverant is when someone keeps trying and never gives up! perseverant is to be persistent and keep trying. An example of perseverant is a person who continues to apply to medical schools even after several rejections. Is when someone wants to try hard and be successful. perseverant people can be stubborn, resolute, persistent, dogged, diligent, insistent, constant, tenacious, unrelenting. they persevere with there perseverance and they stand up for themselves. they fight back and they never back down!
Guy: you are nothing but a sore loser! *punches in the face*
(Perseverant guy stands up and gets mad and he fights back after he got punches)
by TheAwesomeJUNK November 3, 2018
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The description of someone or something that has always and always will persevere no matter the odds of failure.
by PerseverantOne August 19, 2017
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To persevere is to overcome problems by rethinking a hopeless situation and giving it time instead of rushing foolishly into the unknown. To persevere is to give time for the shock value to go away and to realize that things may not be hopeless. To carry on, to keep on swimming, to become patient, to look for guidance, from your heart and understand others feelings and needs. To persevere is not to force an outcome but to except difficulties and know that time may/can heal. To persevere is to change a way of doing things to a more realistic view. If it feels impossible than it will be. If it feels possible than it can be.
I would like to persevere thru the hard times in my life. I will get by.. we will get by.. Keep Holding on..
by I surrender October 26, 2017
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to continue steadfastly despite obstacles or discouragemnet;persist,endure
Families effected by the recent wild fires will persevere.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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to keep going at a steady pace despite all obstacles and things that try to put you down in the dumps;tolerance,endurance
me and my sister had a car accident and she did but even though its hard i will persevere.
by Nabari Kurosaki February 27, 2016
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"A lowly virtue whereby mediocrity achieves an inglorious success." -Ambrose Bierce
Filled to the brim with perseverance, the social media influencer was able to amass one thousand quasi-dedicated followers.
by AGoodLad June 23, 2020
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