A person who is right-handed,righthander
Most of Americans are righty .
by llsling April 21, 2011
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Opposite of Lefty From the saying: "lefty loosy, righty tighty" when remembering the direction to turn a bolt to loosen it.
"wow you got that righty!'
by Jacob Parker April 26, 2005
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Genereally someone who is boring and bland like everyone else in the world. They do everything with their right hand and think that theyre hot shit and generally make it harder for leftys to deal with themselves by making everything they come in contact with 'righty friendly'. Rightys tend to be selfish people with little taste in anything, and 75% of the time they fall for people of their on gender. Rightys are going to be beat up one day and become exstint because no one needs their existance.
Lefty: So what are you?
Righty: I'm a righty!
Lefty: Oh, so your gay.
by klynz August 21, 2008
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-Dude, you alright?
- Fuck no! That bitch kicked my righty!
by Nobli May 4, 2020
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Righties love the rich and hate the poor.
by Laffynv November 30, 2010
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An expression in the southern United States that ends a conversation, usually cutting it short, usually implying that the recipient of the phrase should scram.
1: The feller from the church sent me?

2. Yep, the farmer ain't home.

1: 'Bout a job?
2: Come back tomorrow.
1: Come back tomorrow?
2: Yep.

1: 'Cause the feller from the church sent me.
2: All righty.

1: Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. (Leaves.)
by NiraMillson December 6, 2016
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