To leave in a hurry; also used as an imperative command meaning 'go away'.
1) We had to scram when the cops showed up.

2) Why are you trespassing on my property? SCRAM!!!
by VAKI5 May 11, 2005
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Known as scram or royal Scram, This white powder drug sometimes mistaken for cocaine is made from baking powder.

You can snort,inject or drink Scram.
This drug is majoritly sold in Irish schools.
Lets snort scram
by Territorial bitching December 14, 2017
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welsh for a scratch. but not any old scratch, its a bitchy, lashing-out type scratch. Or a scratch that gets you serveral times in one go.
'Ah crap I scrammed my leg on that bramble' or 'the bitch scrammed my face'
by Lucy November 9, 2003
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A punk bitch. A snitch. Someone who is probably going to end up getting fucked up. Someone you don't chill with...ever.
by M1nt August 4, 2006
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Your neighbor has come inside your house to complain about your tall grass. You tell them," scram"
by Slang from the South November 17, 2014
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a meal, or to prepare a meal.
" i gotta get home to a scram off kraft dinner!"

" i ogtta get home to scram up some food!"
by tony flapperjack October 4, 2003
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