7 definitions by Jacob Parker

Someone who is so stunning that it almost hurts to look at their beauty. The spelling comes from the english hot and the idea that the more t's added the hotter the subject is. See also hot;hott;hottt

No doubt after someone sees this there will be the new and even higher level of hotness; hottttt
Jake-Did you see Ry? She was hotttt!
Other dude- Yeah it felt like looking at the sun at noon but in a good way.
by Jacob Parker May 6, 2005
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That sadistic butcher sing that song to the cows claiming it needs more cowbells
by Jacob Parker April 26, 2005
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A seriously ugly girl but gives it up to anyone. It is derived from the saying: "lefty loosy, righty tighty" when trying to remember which way to turn bolt to loosen it. Also commmonly said is "if it left it can't be right. If it's not right it must be wrong." Which refers to the expression "she looks wrong"
"Man she was a lefty but I was desperate to get some"
by Jacob Parker April 26, 2005
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Opposite of Lefty From the saying: "lefty loosy, righty tighty" when remembering the direction to turn a bolt to loosen it.
"wow you got that righty!'
by Jacob Parker April 26, 2005
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This is the incorrect response to a Japanese game show question. The penalty is being electrocuted. Also see Kwakisurpipiku

Sources: Saturday Night Live
Larry Templeton: Hey, excuse me, I won. What the heck are you doing here? Just a second here.. Emcee laughs MOTHER OF MERCY, I DON'T SPEAK JAPANESE!! Emcee prepares to ask question MARY, CALL THE AMERICAN EMBASSY!! Emcee asks question I DON'T KNOW!!! Emcee prepares to pull electrical switch NO, WAIT!! WAIT!! I know it, I know it!! nervous Uh.. Kwa-.. ki-.. sur-.. pi-.. ne-.. ku..?

Emcee: Kwakisurpineku?

Larry Templeton: confident Yes! Kwakisurpineku! laughs

Emcee: Hunji! Does it count!

judges shake heads no

Larry Templeton: elated Kwakisurpineku! Kwakisurpineku!

gong sounds

Emcee: Ohhhh.. Kwa-ki-sur-pi-pi-ku! pulls electrical switch, shocking Larry
by Jacob Parker April 28, 2005
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The morgue, more specifically the storage bin they put the bodies in. Related to the term put on ice.
Bobby was a tough guy till he ended up in the ice box.
by Jacob Parker April 20, 2005
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The ability of very dumb blondes to read peoples minds
dumb blonde- wow! it is like I have ESPN or something
by Jacob Parker May 6, 2005
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