11 definitions by Nobli

-Dude, you alright?
- Fuck no! That bitch kicked my righty!
by Nobli May 4, 2020
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A man's penis under 3 inches in length. (See also: Micropenis)
Guy 1- Did you saw the coach in the showers?

Guy 2- Oh shit yeah, he has a button penis!
by Nobli May 30, 2015
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Commonly used to make fun of guys who got hit in the balls, same as in bullseye (right in the spot).
-Wrestler gets kicked in the balls during a wrestling match-

Wrestler: *screams* "ooohhh!!! My balls!!!"
Girls watching the match: Hahaha! ballseye!!!
Wrestler: *cries*
by Nobli May 31, 2012
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Completely naked. In the birthday suit.
1. We caught him playing counter-strike bare naked!

2. They were swimming bare naked.

3.The thief was stripped of his clothes and left bare naked on the street.
by Nobli June 24, 2015
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The guys kegged him during P.E. and everyone saw his hanging things.

She got mad at him and kicked his hanging things.
by Nobli May 23, 2022
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1. A small penis or the man who has one.

2.A man who shows cowardice or fear.
1. Girl1: I heard he has a gnat dick.

Girl2: Lololol

2. Guy1: I don't want to fight you.

Guy2: Go home you fucking gnat dick loser!
by Nobli June 24, 2015
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