1. talking via stream-of-consciousness thinking
2. freeform talk
3. first-derivative talking
I sat down to write you a letter and then picked up the tape recorder and just "riffed" 'til the batteries deflated.
by William Dean A. Garner September 11, 2003
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Musical term describing the rhythmic substance of a song or musical piece. To be of loud, catchy and energetic nature. Normally achieved through heavy and dominating guitar work.
How good's the guitar work in that song?! It is deadset riffin'!
by Dennis Scott September 15, 2003
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A song that has been Riffed has been covered in a louder, ballsier way.
this song is better now it's been riffed.
by bassnick September 25, 2006
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RIF - as in "can you read, moron?"; or "why don't you try reading the entire message instructions", etc.
by CherryFire03 October 04, 2013
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To completely destroy a product or object that is unable to be fixed.
Wow Mike, you completely RIFFED that up.
by Tomyacc24 July 07, 2015
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Rabid Inuyasha Fan. A crazy fan of Inuyasha who is obsessed to the point of commiting suicide if it was to hypothetically be cancelled.

Tell - tale signs of a RIF include:

Badd speelink and gramer

Inability to comprehend simple terms like STFU noob.

Making you want to bash your skull in.

Also see flamebait.
RIFs give all the mature fans of the show a bad reputation.
by Bob882 September 21, 2004
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