Something that is extremely ridiculous or far-fetched.
The number of definitions on this site for made-up words and phrases is ricockulous
by smurfhell May 21, 2004
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One of many words used by the great Ace Rockolla, in which "cock" is substuted for "dic" Other related words: cockulary, incockate, precocktion
What a ricockulous thing to say!
by Viper November 22, 2002
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ridiculous but replacing the "dic" with "cock."
The gas prices are ricockulous at almost $3.00 a galloon.
by dolphinhugs11 September 17, 2005
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An exaggerated version of ridiculous. Insanely ridiculous.
Mike missed the party because his mother was visiting. What a ricockulous excuse.
by Erika H.L. March 9, 2008
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something (an idea, person, object, etc) that is beyond ridiculous
The amount of reading my professors have assigned this quarter is ricockulous!
by Tisha January 11, 2002
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