One: To be so cock hungry, it's ridiculous (or ri-dick-ulous).
Two: To be extremely ridiculous and "suck dick."
One: Why do you want everyone's dick? It's ri-cock-ulous!
Two: These other definitions suck, it's ri-cock-ulous..
by someoneactuallyfunny September 08, 2009
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A word that takes the place of ridiculous, but funnier and more Gay.
ZOMG...i just got no scoped right before i defused the BOMB~!!! Search and destroy is Ricockulous
by I PH34R N0 1 May 11, 2010
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A word used much like ri"dic"ulous. Pronounced Re-cock-u-lus, this word can be used in situation when the simple "ridiculous" will not suffice
Friend:Can you believe the freaking St. Louis Cardinals!? They played awful!

You: I know, it's freaking ricockulous!

Friend: What?
by bruhaha12 August 20, 2008
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describing something ridiculous that a guy does
frank acts so ricockulous when he jumped from his roof to the pool.
by ushray January 01, 2009
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