A Seattle radio "personality" who is a complete douche, talks like a Fucktard and has such horrible bits as "Chinese Pizza" and "Rubber Chicken"
Hey my gangley gangster, did you happen to catch that douche Ricker today on the radio my brown? 'das right chk-it.
by Sedgewick James June 08, 2007
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A particularly stinking orifice found admidst the buttocks of oderous persons of questionable merit. Usually caked in filth!
I've gotta ricker like a Japanese flag o
by Gary Garyhead March 10, 2003
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(1) A lie or half truth perpetuated by an individual which is intended to cause comedic drama within a particular social group. Most often this entails statements which make the group think less of the person, however it does rise to the level to which the group confronts the individual. A Rickerism usually serves to entertain the individual who creates it but often slowly discredits others in the group without their knowledge.

(2) A lie or half truth perpetuated by an embarrassed individual in a social setting which is intended to redirect attention onto another individual not in the group to defend themselves.
At the party Mike was asked about his love of boy bands and used a rickerism when he quickly stated Eric, an individual not at the party, was a member of a boy band.
by EarltheSquirrel February 04, 2010
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Meaning "fucker" in a more appropriate context.
You little ricker, get back here with my money.
by enowrbc September 18, 2010
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When a stoner takes an apple and a water bottle and combines them creating a wonderful hitting machine.
Hit the Ricker Rocket and fly
by BlazedNSHot June 08, 2010
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The art of wearing company colors in the means of team spirit while being a total Rim Licker.
Craig stop distributing that company propaganda with hostile intent you lim ricker.
by Brian Mahaffey November 23, 2010
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