I try to search a word, and in the middle of loading, it redirects me to a scam website.
by Racist Asian March 8, 2018
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the act of redirecting something to some other thing. e.g. see redirector NSFW

1. a word used by some smart alec when they try to help other Urban Dictionary users find what they are really looking for.
2. a snobby word used by snobby Wikipedia users, and even snobbier computer programmers.
3. a word used by some cool guy who is dying and needs to make his peace with the world by helping out wherever he can.
1. ask the post office to redirect your mail.
2. some cool guy put a redirect in Urban Dictionary so I found what I was looking for right away.
by Mart2038 May 20, 2015
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The act of surfing a seemingly harmless word or phrase on the internet while at work and being taken to a website of questionable taste or content.
Reed: I was surfing the web for "twinkies" the snack cake and I clicked on one suggested site.

Bob: So, what's the problem?

Reed: The problem is that the site I clicked on seemed harmless but it redirected me to a page about twinks!!!

Bob: Oh snap! You better hope the I.T. department doesn't find out!
by classyladytimes March 23, 2012
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Term referring to a change in the target of pursuit for a (hopefully) single man. Usually occurs when a new more attractive female is found.
"Jeremy never showed up to his wedding?!"
"Yeah, he had one hell of erection redirection."
by Jake LE February 22, 2008
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A surgery to make a womans vagina run horizontal instead of vertical. A basic 90 degree turn of the normal vaginal veiw.
"The bitch i fucked last night had vaginal redirectioning done on her pussy. I had to eat it like corn on the cob"!
by Jay dino May 3, 2007
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When a male is cock blocked. Then given a different female with which intercourse is/will be had.
A guy is working on girl #1. when girl #2 approaches him and throws a cock block. however girl #2 pulls a cock redirect and has guaranteed the male intercourse. regardless of how desirable she may be, If at all.


Dan: WTF why did you invite Stacy ? she's gonna cock block me all night ! I wanted to go after heather.

Jane: I don't know it just happened. Why do you care ? you'll get some from Stacy anyway.

Dan: yeah but I don't want any from her. You've successfully cock redirected me once again!
by BE_Rogue July 4, 2010
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The act of physically plugging a clear nostril on purpose when the other nostril is actually plugged in an attempt to force air to go through the plugged nostril to clear it up. Nasal decongestants are optional; in fact, this is typically done because nasal decongestants don't work for those times when one nostril is absolutely plugged to hell like a rush hour traffic jam and the other is like an abandoned highway. Despite common sense telling you that this is a genius idea and it should work, it typically doesn't. But that doesn't mean it never works, so be sure to try it next time you have a cold.
Nostril Air Redirection may not work often, but it feels satisfying when it does.
by Someone who kinda exists February 26, 2022
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