Also called a Scallion Pancake, this is a flat pancake style dough with green onions (scallions) and deep fried. Usually served with a brown hoison sauce.
customer: I'd like to order a chinese pizza.

employee: Whuh?

customer: I'd like to order a chinese pizza. Right here. (points to item on menu)

Employee: Ahhh...numbah 23. Nex time you ordah by numbah!
by altonb1 December 19, 2008
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Chinese Pizza comprises pizza dough + Chinese food + cheese and then baked as a traditional pizza.
Chinese Pizza generally does not have the Italian-style tomato sauce but instead has a brown Chinese sauce or a tangy/spicy Chinese sauce.
Some restaurants rely primarily on a hoison bbq sauce.
Man, I'm dying for some General Tso's Pizza or some Kung Pao Pizza; it is delicious.
Mongolian Beef with onions also makes an excellent Chinese Pizza.
by 2Legit2quit August 30, 2013
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An unrealistic term that is used to udderly confuse people, commonly used in prank phone calls
"Chinese pizza wha yoo orda!?"
"What the fuck dude?"
"You orda Chinee Pizza or I pull Jackie Chan moove on yoo!"
by Kyle Pringle May 19, 2003
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1. Term used by drunk dumbass friends of "his" to describe the pizza after the cheese falls off it.
2. Also used in scenarios to confuse people.
example one:
dweeb: You want some chinese pizza?

example two:
dweeb's sister: What are you doing?
dweeb: Chinese pizza
dweeb's sister: Why are you being an asshole?
dweeb: Chinese pizza
dweeb's sister: you are such an ass
dweeb: I'm mexican. I want some chinese pizza!!
dweeb's sister: seriously, go to hell
dweeb: I'm canadian. chinese pizza!
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When a guy puts his dick into an Asian girl's pussy and after fucking her for a bit, pulling out and wiping the juices over one butt cheek of the girl. Then he puts his dick in her ass and fucks it until just before orgasm. Pulls out and wipes his shit stained dick on the other butt cheek, ejaculates on and between the cheeks, then kneads the butt cheeks together with his hands like kneading pizza dough.
Bro, I want to Chinese Pizza that girl so hard right now
by Arbbunny July 3, 2015
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