- Why does he rev at everyone?

- He its a ricer, what do you expect.
by -Big_Cat- April 02, 2012
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Slang Term used by some gay men to describe Asian males. Specifically East Asians of Chinese, Japanese or Korean origins. Usually used as code when in the company of unsuspecting straight people. Wild rice usually refers to other East Asians ie. Thais, Filipinos, Vietnamese, etc.
" I think I'm going out tonight. I think I'm in the mood for some rice
by rici45 March 17, 2010
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When people add pointless accessories to the car to make it appear faster to them:
Boeing 747 wings
fart can exhaust
neon lighting
ugly body kits
walmart hubcaps

never ending amount of stickers

The fast and furious phase in life.
by My Z haz V-tec YO December 14, 2010
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Rice stands for Race inspired cosmetic enhancements. These would be spoilers big enough to knock over a stop light that have no aerodynamic benefits, cheap hubcaps made to replicate rims such as volks, Drop center BBS ect. 24 inch chrome rims on cars like a Civic or camry, Ugly or stupid looking vinyls, ugly non functional body kits or wide bodys, neon lights, speakers that fill the whole trunk.

an example of non rice would be a clean Honda Civic 18 inch volk rims a few stickers here and there lowered an inch or two and most of the money put into the engine.
Civic Owner: ok Pay up you lost

Sentra Owner: How the hell did you beat me i don't get it YO

Civic Owner: Maybe you shouldn't spent $900 dollars on that spoiler of you'res

Sentra Owner: But it makes it faster YO

Civic Owner: Not with the small power you have it's just RICE
by TurboMonkey March 12, 2013
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