when used in referring to oneself or one's group, this imperitive demands to leave the vicinity
"We're History! We're Taillights! Let's blow 'dis popstand!" or "Let's scram, doubletime, dude! We're History!"
by Dobe Doinat November 27, 2005
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The newest definition for taillights focuses on the word being used as a salutation - The Taillights Salutation Goodbye/Bonvoyage...can be sung as well , drawing out every last letter...Taaaaaaiilllliggghttsss
A musical rendering of Taaaaaiilllllllllligggghhhtttssss"brought the lowly rap scallion to their knees and set the stage for their newest sub level of rock bottom ...all they could do was go ...The taillights salutation proved to be the ultimate solution
by MILLER604M December 31, 2022
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This is a term used to describe any janky "repair" done to a taillight instead of just buying a new one. Examples include (but are not limited to) a piece of a plastic Folgers coffee tub, red duct tape, half of a solo cup, etc.
Wow did you see randys tallahassee taillight in his dodge pickup truck? I heard he got drunk off of a 30 pack of keystone light and backed into his neighbors trailer!
by Mc3smemedream June 30, 2017
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