1. Prefix for "Everything"
2. A word used by most corporations hellbent on getting rich.
Omnitech, Omnipave, Omnicastrate
by Tots November 10, 2003
3. A small car made by Chrysler labeled under it's Dodge brand from the late '70s to early '90s. While often mocked in it's day, it proved to be a decent source for reliable transportation as evidenced by the amount still seen on the road in the US. The Plymouth version was known as the Horizon.
Hey, what year is your Omni?
by anonymous submitter #508 May 22, 2005
A world of warcraft player that clicks 70% of his abilities, but he's actually good at it because he's been doing it for so long.
" You're playing without good keybindings? such an omni "
by Ninefive April 21, 2016
basically means, ya i know or "i know all that"
coming from the root wod omnipotent. its slang like southern california shyyaaa
dude 1-sick car bro
dude 2-omni
by sir micheal of the rocks June 17, 2009
It is everything of the everything
by tramptraf May 7, 2019
Omni is very hardworking and will always do service for others. He doesnt ask for anything in return, but does it out of the kindness of his heart. When you first look at him you would never know what hes like. He’s unpredictable and its so exciting getting to know him. Hes very soft and when he finds someone he loves he will never let go. He is amazing with kids and they all look up to him. He is very athletic and can do multiple sports. He gives the best advice and will always find the right words to say at the right time. He is a great friend and an amazing person.He is so special dont ever let go of him.
I wish i had someone like Omni.
by Dfk3 July 25, 2019
Omni is a beautiful and talented person. That knows all and can influence people in many ways.

Omni is unique
by yayabaddie January 22, 2019