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When people of a non Black background such as Asian or Caucasian, behave in a way that is more ignorant than they would if they were amongst their white or asian counterparts. They may speak loudly, use lewd profanity, use colorful body language or gestures, or behave in an ignorant way that they think are a part of Black Culture, or saw on TV. They may think they're speaking a certain way to relate to the Black person, but in reality it's more offensive. In reality, that person would never speak that way in a professional or social setting if he/she was amongst non-Black people.
Sally was at the public assistance office talking FAKE HOOD to her Black Case Manage Shenetta by cursing up a storm. Little did Sally know, her Case Manager came from the Affluent Suburbs of Montgomery County Maryland and Shenetta knows nothing about the hood.
by kaylaviva March 26, 2017
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