Code word for having an erection
"oh dude i got really japenese in history it was terrible"

"Yeah... i noticed"
by Inanimate Reflex June 15, 2007
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When you pull the scrotum over the penis and flick it repeatedly until it gets numb and blue, and then tea bag your partner repeatedly until they lose consciousness.
I Japenese Welsched that bitch so hard she got brain hemorrhages.
by SMLIFLE March 27, 2008
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After climaxing from anal sex, a straw is inserted in the the dilated orifice in order to drink the sperm like a hot chocolats
in college this guy manage to hide during hazing day so the they gave him a choice

"Either you give the local slut a japenese pompon or she rams you with a nine inche strap on "... the guy walked funny for a week !
by Mac cheese July 1, 2017
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It's cold outside.

As in: "There is a Nip in the air"
Geezer1: Japenese Pilot mate!
Geezer 2: Yeah it's freezing.
by Ali Geezus March 11, 2004
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When your having sex with a girl and you pull out and put it in a bucket of ice, upon pulling it out of the ice you realize your now japenese size and u reinsert.
I was doin this chick last night when i hit her with the Japenese popsicle took me forever to get back to american size.
by Daddy8185 November 9, 2010
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When at the end of cronic masturbation, you start too look japenese. My friend who is chinese said that this is what it means, i don't know.
Dude when i was in science class i masturbated so hard that i was turning japenese.
by ukrainekid May 14, 2007
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