The san fran-sisco treat!
Im going to go home and make some tastey rice a roni!
by Big bob March 12, 2003
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Contextual insult in 3 layers:
i. implies the target is gay,
ii. presumes the target would be offended by that implication,
iii. refers indirectly to the city of San Francisco as home to both the food product "Rice-a-Roni" (according to their well-known 1970s ad campaigns in the USA) and a large, well-established homosexual community.

(This definition incorporates the example given by another contributor, to preserve the neutral observation of actual urban usage, in the event that the current votes to remove that definition are successful.)
Dude, drive your P.O.S. home and get some rice a roni.
by SFResident August 4, 2004
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A packaged food you can buy. You can contruct your own meal with what is given inside the box
rice a roni can come in a wide variety of flavors
by lunar shadows August 22, 2004
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rice a roni is like a stereotypical lil submissive asian fob boy twink who is naive and a big old power bottom who likes to say "me love you long time!"
I ain't no rice a roni so if that's your flavor of the day... you'd better keep on truckin'.
by Damien Winters September 13, 2007
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