Take off on an overused board room expression, only this one actually has some actual meaning. To think inside the box simply means to have your mind on sex.
Dude, that board room meeting with Hal & Tom was so boring...they kept talking about thinking outside the box all the while while I was thinking inside the box while staring at the copy girl.
by Bangboy July 13, 2009
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A counterintuitive, underused strategy that is seldom emphasized in generating creative solutions, compared to the oft-canned strategy of “think outside the box”—better still, if there is no box.
Unlike novices who religiously think out of the box, professionals know that breakthroughs often take place when they reluctantly think inside the box—constraints are the catalyst to creativity.
by MathPlus December 17, 2018
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When you are trying to get with a girl you must step up your level of thought. You must think on how to get into the box by thinking in the box
I’ll never get with Hannah unless I think inside the box.
by Hyperder August 31, 2018
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