The misspelling of tasty by in the second single from Fergie's debut album, 'Fergalicious'.
T to the A to the S-T-E-Y, girl you tastey
by jacobjacobs October 30, 2006
1. cool, rad, sweet, phat, awesome

2. sexy
1 ~ The new club that just opened up is wicked tastey

2 ~ Damn! That boy is tastey!
by Jennifer Aquafresca March 8, 2004
A delicious piece of tastey, with lemonade poured over it.
by DaveNub June 12, 2008
;P simply a wink of an eye and the ever-so-cute sticking out of the tongue. This face can pretty much get you out of any awkward or sticky situation. Use it sparingly, or else people will hate you instead of thinking you're extremely cute and loveable.

note: can also be used as an innuendo to other things.
James: dude, why did you do that? now everything is ruined.
Bradley: ;P (uses the Tastey Face)
James: yeah you're right, haha let's go get drunk


Linda: you whore! why did you spill shit all over my sundress!?
Molly: ;P (uses the Tastey Face)
Linda: nevermind, it's fine! It probably would have gotten stained tonight anyway ;P (uses Tastey Face)
Molly: te-he-he you bad girl! get it!
by Butter-Specialist July 18, 2010
when something hard and flat is inserted into ones anus thus causing them to shit out flat disk like turds
That guy had that ping pong paddle shoved so far up his ass he was shitting tastey cakes for two weeks
by killa karl February 29, 2008