1. hookers to offer their services

2. ignorant jackasses as a slack way to say "I love you"

3. ordinary people making references. most users think they are referencing South Park or Family Guy, but actually both of those were referencing Full Metal Jacket(#8 movie of all time according to sanyosuru). A hooker uses this phrase becuase her English is bad, and all she can say is "Sucky-sucky, 5 dollar. Me love you long time. Too long time." South Park has Eric as Vietnamese hooker, exactly as in the original. In Family Guy, Peter says this because it is the only English he thinks the Japanese baseball player will understand, and he can`t afford to pay for him.
1. hooker:me love you long time

2. ignorant jackass: me love you long time

3. synDicate: dude, did you see that episode where Peter is like "Me love you long time" that was great! They are so original.
me: no, that was a reference to full metal jacket
by tanukisanyo May 18, 2005
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Slang phrase used by workers in the sex trade meaning that they are willing to spend the entire evening and night (dancing, dining or actually sleeping) with a "guest"; as opposed to "short-time" -- usually two hours or less of only sexual activities, after which the paid companion usually returns to work.
"Hey big, strong, handsome man! Me like you; you very handsome. Me love you long time. You like? We go, O.K.?"
by Sgt. "Butterfly" June 9, 2004
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asian porn- porn with a whole bunch of asian whores
me love you long time #5 is such a great movie
by pritynpunksurfr7 June 4, 2005
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