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Gay Male Term. Dominant Bottom. While a bottom is usually submissive to his partner, a power bottom enjoys maintaining control over the top and/or the penetration, the normally dominant role in gay male sex. Power bottoms supposedly have skilled tongues. (They give the best blow jobs fellatio and rim jobs analingus.)
Rob is a skilled power bottom in bed.
by Urban Dictionary July 29, 2004
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A gay male, who while still being the receptive partner, leaves no question about who fucked whom. The result of encounters with many disappointing 'stellar tops' who don't know how to toss a salad, Hidden Valley or otherwise; couldn't find my prostate with 11 fingers and high resolution maps of my ass; and either cum or pass out from exhaustion after 3-5 minutes of 'humping.' Highly motivated self starters with ability to multitask and work in a team environment. Creative, honest, supremely confident and hands on individual with leadership abilities.
1. "Tim fucked me so hard last night."
2. "But I thought you were the top?"
1. "Yeah but he's a bigger power bottom than Scott Hunter! I came buckets."
by ChipmunkSunday April 09, 2014
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A "Bottoms" anus gets pounded, a "Power Bottoms" anus does the pounding.
That bottom I violated the other day was fun, but that power bottom last night violated my penis.
by BetaFive April 08, 2016
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Gay terminology. Similar to a bottom, but a specific variety. A power bottom tends to be in charge, and feels most powerful when bottoming; the one who bottoms is the one on the "throne" so to speak, "taking" the Top.

Contrary to some definitions, top/bottom terms apply to all same-gender partners, and is frequently used by not only gay men but also e.g. lesbian couples.
Person A: I think I might be a verse and not a bottom.
Person B: You sure you're not a power bottom?
Person A: A what?
Person B: (explains definition)
Person A: Oml, I think you might be right.

Person C: I-I'm kind of shy, and... I'm not sure what I'm doing... But I would love it if you came over tonight and rode me uguu uwu
Person D: (power bottom voice) U wanna see thru time binch? Turn ur location on sis I ain't fucking around this ass HUNGRY
by languageiscool March 26, 2019
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A power bottom is a gay male who during anal intercourse truly enjoys being the receptive partner to the point of wanting it more aggressively. Anal intercourse can be painful at times. A power bottom is a man who has learned how to "take it" and feels great pleasure without the pain. When a bottom wants it bad enough it can put him in the aggresive or dominant role in bed.
John is begging for more. Now that's a true power-bottom.
by J the PB November 09, 2007
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term for a gay man in the receiving role during gay sex who is aggressive and dominant rather than passive and permissive. Can be combined with other definitions.
eg of use in context " that Marco is a verbal, dom, aggro, party boy, power bottom, slut."
by David London October 19, 2007
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