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1. The most redneck name ever. 2. The name of the father on "18 Kids & Counting", Jim Bob Duggar
"Hey Jim Bob, let's git over ter the fishin' hole later"
by iz2short4u November 01, 2009
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Of or pertaining to exessive body fat directly above the waistline in men.
Dude its almost summer and your Jim Bob still looks like it's eating your pants!
by Pssssssh March 19, 2011
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A moment of immense skill or a fluke that is not easily repeated. Nor is it aparent at the time wether it was skill or luck.
Can be used in any sort of competition - normaly found when gaming

- I can't belive you just jimbob'ed through my defense (FIFA)

- Jimbob!!!!!! after a triple kill handing the game to the opposite team in halo
by Christheboyfoy December 19, 2007
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term pretty much meaning the same as "idiot" or "loser"....
"oh my god, stop being such a jim-bob"
by meesh... April 18, 2005
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A loving but kinda chubby guy; everyone feels bad for him and doesn't take the time to truly understand how funny he is! He is a great friend and is always loyal and will always stick up for you!

Love you, Jim Bob!
"Oh look there's Jim Bob, on his own, as usual!"

"Yeah I feel kinda bad for that kid..."
by The Most Amaze Boy Alan July 28, 2018
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