When a song attempts to place two words that do not fit together and forces it momentarily with the beat of the song.
Rape Rhyme

I go through guys like money flyin' out their hands
They try to change me but they realize they can't

Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
by jamasianman May 31, 2010
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to break out in a rap by rhyming

this term is derived from the term BREAK out in a rhyme which later turned into bust a rhyme
by thomas the train engine November 10, 2006
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A Hunger games Style challenge in real life where (parents) test their (children) against others parents children to see which child has the best musical (talent), (memory), (patience) and other (bullshit).
Alright kids! Lets learn a nursery rhyme
by Soupy69 January 28, 2020
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"The 5 foot assassin has just raided ya area. Ya booty rhymes are wack and that's the reason I ain't hearin' ya." - From Scenario Remix
by 5 Foot Assassin August 22, 2012
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A term used to describe the feeling a rapper gets when they are writing a rap and a bunch of rhymes start flowing in their head. The complete opposite of writer's block.
Lil Wayne: Man this shit hard brah let's smoke some weed I got writer's block.

Eminem: No wait I just got hella rhymes start flowing in my mind I got a Rhyming Orgasm.
by TheRealA-Bomb November 3, 2012
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The rap singer who beat up Michael Myers (not one of Mike's prouder moments)
Remember when Busta Rhymes kicked Michael Myers' ass? That was hilarious!
by Metallicajunkie September 30, 2018
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An extremely underated rapper. Has amazing talent and doesn't talk about the same old shit "hoes, cars, money". Definetely a rap legend, and changed rap music. It's sad that many people don't know of this. Flipmode Squad, L.O.N.S.
Man 1: What you listening to?
Man 2: Busta Rhymes.
Man 1: Oh, same old shit as everything else out there.
Man 2: Obviously you have no idea about good rap music. Go listen to his albums, and learn something and stop filling your brain with that shitty 50 Cent music.
by Busta Rhymes Fan December 23, 2006
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