A phrase used when a girl's bra (usually leopard print) is popping out from the top of her shirt. This phrase is considered a polite way to tell said girl to fix her clothing in the middle of a conversation without having others brand her a slut.
Laura: So I was going to the mall-

Joel: Can't Be Tamed!

Laura: OH, oops! *fixes leopard print bra*
by shutupLAURA August 18, 2011
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Another pitiful song by Miley Cyrus, the wannabe girl who's trying too hard to act 25 when she's 17. Get a clue, Miley.

The song has an even more pitiful music video, another example of a 17-year-old trying to act 25. *sigh* Again, get a clue.
Girl 1: hav u herd can't be tamed, i feel so badass cuz i heard it!! i CAN'T BE TAMED, CAN'T BE TAMED!!!
Girl 2: You need help getting a life.
by Anything Goes Tonight October 23, 2010
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