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A condition that may occur while writing. It causes the person afflicted to be unable to think of what to write next. Typically, the less interesting the topic is to the writer, the higher the severity and chance of occurence.

Some English instructors (different from teachers, who actually teach) will exploit this by having their students write about a topic that hardly anyone cares about. Those who get the most severe cases of writer's block will fail because they couldn't think of anything to write.
A: So I had to write an essay over the importance of having friends with different cultures and whatnot.
B: How'd you do?
A: I got writer's block before I could even begin. And failed.
B: Again?
A: Again.
by Tisteca February 07, 2009
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when a writer can't seem to process it's mind to write like they used to
bob: "so you gunna finish that creative story you told me about?"
sally: "nah i've got writers block"
by Sarahistalkingwithchev July 10, 2008
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I had it when writing this
I have Writers Block because I cant think of anything to write in this Example box
by Xboxophobia December 31, 2010
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A usually temporary psychological inability to begin or continue work on a piece of writing
Mark has writer's block, so he can't write the script to a movie that had a great start. His writer's block was caused by his annoying nephew who stifled creativity. He claims if his nephew was around J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter would never exist.
by Mark July 25, 2004
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A point in writing where the writer runs head first into a brick wall in their writing process. Which may result in a writer bashing their head repeatedly into their keyboard/laptop/notebook/etc. until words or blood is freely flowing. Also might be because the characters are fed up with all the crap the author puts them through and go on strike.
Nurse: What caused those contusions on your forehead?
Author: *gingerly touching wounds on forehead* I have writer's block.
by alstarryn January 05, 2009
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1) A period of time when a writer's mind is completely blank and drained of any kind of inspirational essence. They are unable to write. They start to bang their head against the basement wall. It bleeds. They scream and shout in agony. And finally, they pray that the pain from this blunt physical trauma and the sight of the sweet sweet catalytic blood finally gives them SOME kind of weak-ass idea.

2) Something that I never seem to have really. Hence why the above scenario was purely speculation on my part. I can't help but imagine however, that is somewhat similar to Dante's second level of hell.
Hey man, I have writer's block. Any advice?

"How about slitting your throat?"

"Okay, cool. Thanks!" *slits throat*

"uhh.. whoops. I kinda meant that as in writing a poem or short story or something about slitting your throat. Or maybe an essay about suicide. My bad."
by Forever Remain March 03, 2008
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